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Nan Jing Yi Fan biotechnology Co., Ltd. located in the S.B.T. Science and Technology Park£¬is a comprehensive service company with advanced chemical synthesis as the leadership, involving PTC, medical, new materials, biochemistry, fine chemical industry and so on. It is affiliated to Xi nan chemical institute and Sandy biotechnology Co., Ltd. Yi Fan biotechnology Co., Ltd. have well educated technical people, perfect equipments and quality control system which can guarantee our costumer to find proper products here.
We do well in Friedel¨CCrafts, Diazon, Nitratio, Fluorination, Condensation, Hydration, and Green oxidation reaction. Except possessing strong developing capabilities for new products, we also have experienced in large scale. Moreover, we can provide our clients with first-class products of different quantities ranging from grams to kilograms and up to multi-tons in short time.
Drawing on years of experience, we have gained the trust and long-term relationship from many global pharmaceutical companies. As a customer-oriented organization, we firmly believe that our integrity, reliability, responsiveness and professionalism will offer every customer satisfactory solutions.
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